Advancing from Progressions


Where next? 

Early on in our Christian walk we need to begin serving, for the work for the Good News. This was and still is today the command of Jesus Christ himself. Whatever we think of our calling, it will in some capacity be about love and the Great Commission. It is intresting that the qualifications of leadership services in Christian community are proof of love in our homes and circles of contact, and that our influence gives testimony and evidence of qualification. Whether we have a profound calling in our heart or not we should be actively engaged in love for others above ourselves. Understanding the scriptures and conviction plays an important role in calling. However, conviction is not infallible, but an honest and listening heart before God will bring peace or lack of peace as our steering guide.

Below are ten guide points for consideration regarding calling.

1. Know the Bible 

You absolutely must know God’s word, understand the Milk Doctrines and be saturated with all the texts.The Bible shapes and renews (Rom 12:2) our minds for life and mission (Psalm 1:1-3), and makes us burn for Christ when we truly understand the scriptures (Luke 24:32).

2. Know yourself and your gifts.

The Bible calls us to know ourselves, and to also realise that we have gifts (1 Peter 4:10-11). Knowing your practical skills and spiritual gifts can influence convictions about your walk and call on your life. Understanding yourself also deepens your perception of strength for various ministries (Romans 7:15-24).

3. Have a world focus 

The ‘known' near world was still the ‘world' at the time of Christ - who said 'go out in to all the world'. The heart element is this: within the context of a significant harvest and a shortage of workers Jesus saw the multitudes, and was moved with compassion for them being lost, weary and scattered. (Matthew 9:36-38).

4. Read Testimonials

The Bible mentions many biographical type missionary stories about heroes of the faith thorugh 'the letters', and we have heroes today too, who have written down their stories to encourage and inspire. Hebrews chapter 12 and 13 contextulizes this grounding of our faith in Christ, not growing weary, but having assurance in the strength of the Kingdom and being sacrifices to God. 

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God." (Hebrews 12:1 ESV).  

5. Inquire of the Lord and your soul.

What and where is your burden for others? Fundamentally, we should have a rigorous intercommunication with the Lord. Everything should flow from our intrest in what he wants for humanity. God also sends and seeks the burden for lost people, like a shepherdly heart, or a fatherly farmer and gardener. Jesus' burden example; "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!" (Luke 13:34).

6. Understand your circumstances.

Business, parents, home, property, children, and varous responsibilities. All these matter in our calling, however they are not always decisive. Sometimes God may ask us to work with and other times against our circumstances, as before we must know how to hear God. Jesus said; "Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life" (Mark 10:29-30).

7. Pray for God to show you where to be thrown...

In Matthew 9:38 the Greek work used for ‘send' is Ekballo which literally means to cast out, drive out, to send out, with a notion of violence. Literally meaning: "Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to throw out labourers into his harvest.” Vitally it begins with prayer. Ask the Lord God to use you fully for his glory. "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him" (James 1:5).

8. Connect to passionate Christ centred worship and fasting.

The most significant missionary calling recorded in the Bible happened within a context of genuine Christ centred corporate worship: "While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, 'Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them'" (Acts 13:2).

9. Connect and listen spiritual people.

Find wise men and women of God who have both wisdom and the proven ability to hear God. They can not only confirm your gifts but they are also instruments of God, in guidance and inspiring the joys of being a missionary. (2 Timothy 1:5-7).

10. Surrender to Christ: The Cost of being a disciple

The greatest fruitfulness of life is when a person has surrenderd to Christ and been sent out. Where have you been sent; to a country, a town or a city or an unknown jungle village? Don’t be a fake Christian. Hear God, know yourself and go to that quiet place in your heart and say Lord I renounce everything for you. I am willing to go anywhere and do anything at any cost...

Jesus said, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. . . . Therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:26-27, 33). 

Biblical context is required here, because we are told by the Bible to respect our parents, and love one another; love husbands wives children and friends. However, the serious note is that the calling to Christ is greater than our physical realities… It is a mind-set and more, that will not see physical and interrelational realities as stumbilng blocks or hinderence to God’s calling. We have heard of many stories of God sending families to inner city areas of great need or to distant countries. In short, hear God and obey his calling! URL brand was founded on 3rd July 2006. The site in its current form was created in 2014. Third party logos and URL links are for illustration purposes only. Any other logo or pictures contained on this site are also subject to Copyright law. Photos and images are either designed or privately owned or Copyright paid from Shutterstock.