This page is for friends who have expressed an interest in Bible studies. These meetings are by invitation / response only (this is a New Testament pattern for private meetings, which is different to temple civic type meetings). As this is a NT gathering there will be free space for bringing a word, song or prophecy as appropriate. We will also get into Bible study fairly promptly afterward. There will be plenty of time to chat afterwards socially too.

Some Central Themes of Christianity

Reading the Bible (Guidelines on how to approach the text, and to resolve issues)

The nature of God and centrality of Christ (True and problematic perspectives)

Expiation a reason for Calvary (Why did Jesus have to be a sacrifice?) 

Being born again (What the Bible says and how we know we are really in that place)

The School of Flesh and Spirit (An Eternal Choice)

Hearing God (Bible view of how God speaks and how we should test it)

Prophecy and revival (What starts it, what keeps it going what stops it)

Our future hope (Where we are going and how we are going to get there)

Judgement of God (God’s wrap up at the end of the age)

Interesting Topical Talks

Bible Lands (various locations and their Bible stories)

Who does the world think Jesus is? (Jesus through the eyes of Cinema and the media) 

Unpacking Biblical Sexuality (challenging truths hidden in the text)

Angels, fallen angels and demons (Know who your friends and enemies are)

Occult (Bible truths about; star signs, palmistry, ouija, tarot, psychic readings etc.) 

Pre-flood world (What was it like, and why is it important for us to understand?)

End-times Timeline (The lead up to the end, the events and controversies) 

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