End Times

Simplified End Time schematic

Paul said that 'end times teaching' (judgement, resurrection and our future hope) is a Milk Doctrine (basic fundamental knowledge), yet how many Christians really know about the end times or can understand Revelation?

end-timeline med hr-mid

The end times timeline comes under Bible Milk Teaching. This means that it is basic essential teaching that cannot be overlooked and is relitively easy to understand if one uses an orthodox hermeneutic. Some people talk of three points for rapture these are called: pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib. The diagram above illustrates a pre-trib (mid-trib) scenario, which means that born again individuals will be raptured before the tribulation starts (or the great tribulation). Post-trib believers think that we will be raptured after the tribulation. This last idea is so immensely flawed in Bible understanding that it does not warrant discussion here. Mid-trib believers believe that the rapture will occur at the same time as the desecration of the temple half-way through the tribulation, and there is certainly compelling reasoning that this could be the case among Biblical scholars. So tribulation believing theologians and scholars are split in their understanding between pre-trib and mid-trib.

One of the most important features of the end times timeline is that it is a picture of Israel's prophetic fulfilment and only secondarily as an interruption referring to the gentile church. This is the basic plan:

1) Jews god’s people 

2) Interruption: Church age (not a replacement of Israel) 

3) Jewish covenent period again (see covenant)

4) Eternal state

Evidence: Book of John…  ...the Word was made flesh and tabernacled with us… 

Emmanuel: means God with us, he tabernacled among us… the feast of tabernacles was the expected date and the real date of Messiah around Sept/Oct because of differences between Jewish and Gregorian calendars. 

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