Finding a Church

Firstly, the best place to start is a body of believers that hold to the Apostles Creed. This information often exists within their mission statement, if they are a modern house church. You may need to unpack their trendy version of it - but look carefully to see if it bears the truth of the apostles! If they are an established orthodox church, they will prominently advertise the Apostles Creed.

The Apostles Creed in essence identifies who God is, in an orthodox manner. For example, it displays the concept of Trinity, (a word which does not appear in the Bible). It is a human term used to explain what is called 'the economy of God'. His distribution of His work is thus the Divine Trinity. In truth we must be mindful that we as humans cannot possibly describe God fully, trinity is only useful for our limited understanding in exploring the Biblical identifiers of the nature of God through the Father, Spirit and Son.  

Secondly, find a church which holds to the inerrancy of Scripture and a proper view of Israel and the kingdom to come. The church should understand the distinction between Israel and the modern Church. God's promises to Israel have not been “transferred” to the Church (the modern church has not replaced Israel), the NT church is an interruption of God’d plan. Also that Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled literally. Finally it is essential that the messages from the leadership are expository (explain) teaching of the Scriptures rather than using the Bible to support ‘good ideas’ like personal or ecumenical agendas. If you cannot find a church that properly interprets scripture or holds to a Biblical picture of leadership you could still fellowship with them (as fellowship is fundamental to humans) as long as they believe in Christ and Christ crucified. If after prayer and determining an understanding of how God wants you to help the body, you should be mindful that you could end up learning bad hermeneutic habits, so you would always need to hold to orthodox hermeneutics and read the Bible a lot to protect yourself. See the section on hermeneutics. 2 Peter 2 cites that people can and will be deceived by false doctrine, so beware, and be careful.

Fundamentally, from the New Testament ‘churches' emerge from the home from individual conversions, and where Christ can be evidenced through loving bonds with family, friends and neighbours. Itinerant teachers and apostles move around these gatherings as they are invited, as shown in the scriptures. They are welcomed, invited or expected in a two way relationship dynamic. From this attendance they spread to public meetings, synagog, church buildings etc can occer - not the otherway around. Check out the topic on church.

The church you’re in is in error.

What do you do when you believe that the church your in is in error? Obviously you can leave, or you can be part of its healing and restoration. Often people are eager to make a point and leave their church. There is a sense in which this shows a truculent teenager approach to the household. Granted they may be terminal problems with your church an in this instance you may need to leave to protect yourself. Be mindful too that you could be a small part of its healing or easing by staying. Ultimately, what is God saying to you and is what you believe God is saying to you really God? Do you really know how to hear God? below are some helpful topics:

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