The story of Melchizedek is an enigmatic and compelling albeit short account of a Messiah type character, especially in the light of Psalms and Hebrews 7. The temptation is to see him as a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus (theophanies) or perhaps Michael the Archangel. This is because there is no record of his birth or death or infact family lineage. Some scholars see him as Shem but the evidence for all of these three ideas places us outside of the Canon account. 

Furthermore, while the wine and bread offering to Abram is a tantalising precursor to the Eucharist, again we stretch Biblical interptive methods to say that it definitely means that Jesus is Melchizadek fortelling his passion in some iconographical ritual. Having said this the enigma of Melchizedek and the imagery is compelling and exciting for the imagination. 

Another problematic reason to see Melchizedek as Messiah (theophanies), is that it was unlikely that the Son was human until the incarnation (Hebrews 5:1). Except for the life of Messiah on earth, theophanies manifestations are normally quick; quicker than holding the long position of king. Certainly we will find out one day - so we leave it at the interesting possiblility that Melchizedek was the founder of Jerusalem. Translating from Salem into Jerusalem, and only slightly possibly that Melchizedek was either supernatural or a theophanies. URL brand was founded on 3rd July 2006. The site in its current form was created in 2014. Third party logos and URL links are for illustration purposes only. Any other logo or pictures contained on this site are also subject to Copyright law. Photos and images are either designed or privately owned or Copyright paid from Shutterstock.