Teaching v Testimonial

This page is especially important concerning discussions about authority in the church. Modern churches today blur the lines, so that there is little delineation between teaching and testimony. Every believer should share their ‘testimony’; in other-words  they should privately and publicly speak about their faith and revelation. Strictly speaking this is not teaching (though the recipients may be inspired to understanding and receive faith through the deliverance of testimony, in the Biblical sense of teaching (re. authority) this is not teaching. Below is a description of teaching and testimony:

Teaching: with authority of a teacher; to verse, educate, instruct, tutor, school, coach, train, up-skill, enlighten, illuminate, prepare, indoctrinate, drill, discipline.

Testimony (closely relating to prophecy and judgement): a formal written and or a spoken statement, given person to person or to a group. The delivering of evidence or proof of something. A personal or public account of a religious conversion or experience. Finally a protest or declaration.

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