Fruits of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit = proof of indwelling

When we abide in Christ we are to produce the 'Fruit of the Spirit' as described in John 15 and Galatians 5:22-23. We don’t automatically have this fruit but surprisingly neither do we have to ask for it! We are called to develop spiritual gifts after we come to Christ as a life long miraculous journey.

The indwelling Holy Spirit has incredible connection with our commitment of making Christ the Lord of our life (Romans 12:1-2). When we submit to the Holy Spirit we begin to produce the fruit of the spirit. When we come to Christ the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is automatic, but we have to work through submission to God by studying the word and learning Gods voice to receive the gifts. You can always have confidence in people who both know the Bible, hear God and have a testimony of miraculous stories that involve healing and deliverance to the Glory of God: The proof is in the fruit! URL brand was founded on 3rd July 2006. The site in its current form was created in 2014. Third party logos and URL links are for illustration purposes only. Any other logo or pictures contained on this site are also subject to Copyright law. Photos and images are either designed or privately owned or Copyright paid from Shutterstock.