Spiritual Warfare

Anyone who watches the news will see and hear acts of man that simply seem incredulous to have emerged simply from the human mind. While making no excuse for evil human acts, there are some acts of either insanity or depravity that seem beyond human. The Bible teaches us that these acts are a development of lesser acts. They are acts that have become interacted by what the Bible calls unclean spirits. In various places in the text the Bible hints that these unclean spirits were not meant to exist but are spirit entities that emerged from the angelic rebellion agains God. And were created by the angels mixing angelic beings with humans. (Genesis 6:4). 

Unclean spirits roam that earth because the human angel being’s bodies have long been dead prior to the flood. Jesus discusses their desire to roam the earth on the constant lookout for new bodies to enter. It is indicated from scripture that they have authority to enter a persons life either through some sinful act of because of generational sins of that persons family. 

On many occasions in the time of Jesus’ ministry and the apostolic period and today across the world unclean spirits are cast out of people. Breaking it down 'Spiritual’ is what is says and ‘Warfare’ is about battle of ground, commonly the battle ground is the mind, because the mind is creative in peoples lives. So whoever rules the mind rules the person; the context of scripture clearly illustrates that our 'eternal significance' should be in control of our mind and our mind should be in control of our bodies. Prayer, reading the Bible, healing, loving one another, asking holy angels (only angels who submit to Jesus Christ) to help us and casting out unclean spirits are all essential areas of spiritual warfare that believers are call to do in the great commission:

"And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction." Matthew 10 V 1 (ESV)

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