Hermeneutics is the principle of text interpretation, primarily interpretation of Biblical text, enlightened writing and philosophical books. Hermeneutics and exegesis interchangeable in the sense that 'an exegesis’ (noun) is the result of doing 'an exegesis’ (verb). Hermeneutics is a the discipline that includes written, verbal, and nonverbal communication. Exegesis for example,  focuses primarily upon a text's interpretation. Hermeneutic, means a single methodology of  interpretation. Understanding any written text requires a hermeneutical approach. Originally hermeneutics solely applied to the explanation, or ‘exegesis’ of Bible text.

An orthodox hermeneutical approach to interpreting scripture is like the Hebrew approach to understanding the Bible. Interestingly the Jewish people's first mandate was actually to teach the world God’s word. We can trust orthodox an Jewish approach to exegesis. It is as follows:

Acronym PaRDS - layers of understanding

Peshat: plain, simple or the direct meaning of the text. It is what it says, it says what is means.

Remez: deeper hints, allegoric and symbolic meaning beyond the literal sense. It can’t conflict with Peshat.

Derash: in Hebrew darash means to inquire, it is connected with midrashic (homiletic) discussion and meaning. Also it is connected with similar occurrences and patterns found in the text.

Sod: (Sōde) is the secret, mysterious and esoteric meaning, as through inspiration and revelation.

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