Witchcraft comes in many forms and names: Wicca, Paganism, White & Black Witchcraft, The Craft, Alexandrian Wicca are some examples. In essence, most respect, practice and worship Mother Earth, the deification of the Mother Goddess: Diana. In addition, through magic circles and incantations use the assistance of guardian spirits for the work in the priestess / priesthood. 

Typically apart from festival gatherings around ancient seasonal chronological and geographical landmarks, witches often offer private counselling and fortune telling for their income. Divination is the primary toolset in witchcraft for remuneration. Sources of income include  Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, Psychic Readings, Regression Therapy and Star Chart readings. From an orthodox Biblical standpoint all of these practises fall into a categorisation called divination and are expressly forbidden by God.

Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", is the practise of gaining insight into a question, situation and futures by using an occultic process of ritual.

Experience growing up in a leading Alexandrian coven in the 1980s (led by my Mother High Priestess) and meeting Maxine Saunders the Queen of witches, led me over many years to evidence that while many witches are often very well meaning intelligent individuals, there is a universal balance that is wholly insurmountable concerning 'cause and effect'. In essence, humans cannont fully propitiate / expiate 'mankind's problems' in the system. This is why the High Priest sacrifice of Jesus Christ (the full expression of God) is so compelling. The Bible’s full focus pivots around the ultimate 'sacrificial offering', often missed by Christians! In reality people with experience in the supernatural are better placed to understand the necessity of the Crucified God and the power available over all things in His name, the name of Jesus Christ.

Stumbling blocks for witches: 

1) Misunderstanding about God because of translations concerning gender

2) Focus on misogyny in church history - this is man’s doing not God's

3) Failure to see ancient bloodlines: Semites (ancient Jews/Arabs), neighbouring Sumarians to Jews and Christians. It is the same blood line with the promise of Salvation by a sacrificed God

4) Idiotic Christian’s who think Witches overtly worship Satan

5) Failure to see that the god of the world is a fallen angel of light masquerading in various ways

6) Failure to see beyond minor psudeo deities to the one true God TETRAGRAMMATON-YHWH

7) The deception of Lucifier masquerading as TETRAGRAMMATON withing the Book of Hsadows. The reason for being cast out of a higher dimension (Heaven). Isaiah 13:13-14

Useful pointers for witches:

1) Jesus is ’the' High Priest

2) God is not a hu-man / man (God is beyond gender and fully expressed in both genders)

3) Woman is the apex of creation

4) Woman may be best placed for the highest calling in Scripture: Prophecy

5) Gilgamesh - the Oldest Book written (containing ancient flood accounts)

6) The Book of Enoch (Containing revelation of fallen deities and their earthly tasks, and the expansion of the Genesis 6:4 phenomenon: the mix of alien (fallen angels) and humans.

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