In Greek, Hebrew, Latin and in many English translations of the Bible, God clearly explains that immorality includes: fornication, sex before marriage, extra marital affairs, homosexuality (male to male or female to female sexual relations), beastiality and prostitution. Even thinking about these things is regarded as sinful. The Bible says that these activities are sinful before the Lord, but are not measured in the same degree of gravity.

One point of interest here is that it is fairly easy to take passages out of context to present a number of readings. Even supporting homosexuality as being acceptable!

Those with a proper knowledge of orthodox theology however, clearly recognise from a) the original languages b) literary, moral and cultural context: that homosexuality from a Biblical perspective is not acceptable either as marriage or sexual recreation.    

God's statement on homosexuality is both in the Old and New Testament  (In the law and the book of Romans). Homosexuality is especially targeted by scripture as being exceptionally sinful. In the Bible we see that it engendered the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It caused war against the Danites in the Book of Judges and caused friction in the Corinthian church around 30AD. In balance, it is ridiculous to get upset or homophobic about gays when God is also extremely hateful of infidelity in marriage, for example. As marriage break-up also reflects a kind of relational disfuction that is not God’s best plan. So 'marriage infidelity’ (and on a micro level any disfunction in marriage) is a typology of a much larger theme in the Bible regarding flawed relationships.

A person, group or church that wants to work within an 'orthodox frame of reference’ cannot preach premarital sex, extra-marital affairs, same sex relationships or recognise homosexual partnerships or marriages. While the church has a right to speak out about Bible truths, through Bible teaching, voting, parliament and through many forms of resolution, the church may not force another against their will: as people have freedom to choose their own paths and destiny. The church is simply called to disciple with God’s word. It is not called to force society to live by God’s recommendations and commands. What we can see from Bible history is that cultures who have avoided 'alternative lifestyles' tendend to do much better, socially, economically and politically. Those who acted in the arena of what God calls sinfulness, took on a path of degradation, social and moral decay and finally came under judgement and physical destruction: the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah being the obvious examples. 

While homosexuality has been around since near the dawn of mankind, the Christian mandate is to love and respect fellow humanity. The call of God on our lives is not condemnation and judgement, that is the prerogative of God. Bible believers should love all without prejudice, whatever their diversity. Because, Bible believers live by a different frame of reference does not give them the right to morally abuse another. Conversly, we have the freedom and right to share our own story to enquirers; the account of Christ, the crucifixion and to share what we understand from the Bible and our experience in Christ, because to us it is our gospel.

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