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Who is John Shaw (pen name).

John the author of this website came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1985, after being brought up in a Witches Coven in Kent. John holds masters degree qualifications across the humanities including Theology and Philosophy.

"As a passionate believer since 1985 and being a qualified master theologian only adds a weight on my spirit to disciple as we are all mandated by Jesus. From decades of conversation with people young and old and across all denominations and rank in the ecclesiastical schema from worship leaders to pastors and bishops I have had my eyes opened to the reality that like it or not we all translate the Bible through the lens of our own circumstances and in some cases that pulls us away from the original message.

So, I wrote and programmed this website in a relatively simple staged by staged approach from what we understand as 'milk doctrines' up to approaching the text in a deeper way. I have kept orthodox doctrine tight while being philosophically open enough to keep the topics congenial. The aim being to not cause denominational devision, because at the end of the day it is about Jesus the fulfilment of Semitic prophecy to both gentile and Jew alike.”

"I have been very careful to illustrate that the ‘frame of reference’ of this site is an orthodox Biblical perspective. I have stated that it is a perspective that many will find challenging as they compare Bible standards to today’s extremely diverse world. 

I have clearly illustrated that Christian’s are not permitted to force Biblical standards on other’s 'free will'. Conversely, Chrstians have freewill to communicate their experience, faith and ethical position as they see fit from their understanding of the scriptures, which forms the basis of their faith in Jesus Christ, and for me at least the creation of this website.


Scriptural references

This website contains scriptural references and short Bible extracts, the object for www.onlygod.co.uk is not to bombard the reader with references, nor is it to 'tell people what they should do'! Instead www.onlygod.co.uk presents (for consideration) the major key features and responsibilities of orthodox Christianity across three levels of enquiry.

No academic references?

This website is not an academic document. Academic referencing is very important for papers and dissertations, because they prove a specific line of enquiry within a preset frame of reference. 

The heart of Judaism and Christianity however, centres around God’s laws for mankind, and these are written in the Bible. On a surface level you can argue for or against the existence of God until His return. For true believers their faith and belief in God is rooted in a personal relationship that emerges from God loving them first through an encounter of some sort, emotional, spiritual or intellectual. These encounters can occur from someone simply sharing their faith with another. In some cases a dramatic supernatural event or a near death experience might be the start of a person’s faith.

If you are looking at the content through a 'post-modern lens' it will seem confusing and archaic. A key element of Post-modernism was to deconstruct everything to the point of fragmentation, in the hope that it would shed new philosophical light on post-enlightenment knowledge. Many in the educational sector would argue that while ‘interesting' Post-modernism failed.

This website seems dogmatic in its views about gender and diversity, why is this?

There are many different ways of reading the Bible. Most liberal (non-orthodox) methods merely pick and choose from the smorgasboard of wisdom and stories that exist between Genesis and Revelation, and then process them through the Zeitgeist (the current spirit of the age). Frequently the outcome is such that (in scrutiny) it bears little relevance or resonance with either the original heart or the letter of the law and our faith in God.

However, many people have disengaged with the central reality of the message the Bible communicates. The fundamental message is that man’s behaviour (i.e. if you are human) caused and still causes a separation from God that the Bible says is eternally life threatening. The Bible teaches us that it is only God the creator who has the power to fix the problem he describes. God's sacrifice through Jesus Christ (a human procession of His full deity) offers humanity reunion and salvation: Jesus Christ paid the price as a sacrificial priest once and for all time.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life". John 3:16

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