Fleece Testing

God’s primary desire is that humanity learn the ways of God, through his teaching, and by cultivating a relationship with our inner being and its connection to God through the Holy Spirit. People who read Gideon's account of 'putting out the fleece' to determine the will of God, are in error because they miss the context. Reading the scriptures in fact we find that this method was not God’s best. (Judges 6:37-40)

The Bible discourages 'sign seeking' because this actually parallels many forms of occult methodologies, and fundamentally maintains distance between God and mankind.

Gideon was in error, his methodology was a faithless one, because he already knew what God wanted; God clearly told him. Within the context of Gideon’s story we see that he was weak and hoping not to obey God. So 'putting out a fleece' is actually a sign of either personal deception, faithlessness or an occult frame of mind.  Living in relationship with the indwelling Holy Spirit is more than sufficient to determine God's will without resorting to unbiblical methods like fleecing. 

There is a fine line in ‘methodology’ between fleecing and the fringes of occult: tarot, palmistry, runes, fortune-telling, astrology and so on, all of which are abominable to God. Occult methodologies both rob humans and God from the true power found in our spiritual being and through our relationship with the Holy Spirit: the Spirit of God. The reason they do this is because they interlock with a supernatural power without grounding that power with the creator. The Bible calls this called idolatry. This is especially so as occult practice places ‘a false’ point of worship between mankind and the true Alpha and Omega.

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