Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol have been an endless source of discussion and there are arguments for and against that sound compelling either-way  Especially if we consider that derivatives of opium and cannabis are widely used in prescribed medicine. Often these arguments miss the point of the discussion because they only focus on the scientific facts as to whether the chemicals are any worse for the body than say alcohol or cigarettes. To cut straight to the point the 'body temple’ and the ‘addiction’ defence against any form of drug use (e.g.. alcohol, cigarettes, psychedelic, opiates or even food and drink), is the generally accepted route for resolution and sensibility.

Body as Temple

Throughout scripture God conveys that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit and that we are to look after that temple. The Bible says that the things that damage the temple and are deadly concerning our destiny are: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. So any activity like getting drunk, taking drugs and over eating have an effect on our mind and body. For example, excessive drink induces pride, anger and envy, drugs can induce lust and opiates sloth all of which will have an adverse affect on our destiny. Our minds are one of the most precious parts of our bodies and they are hugely influence by all kinds of chemicals from preservatives to cocaine for example. So there is compelling argument that anything that harms the body is an unwise situation that should be avoided.


Addiction is a profoundly significant factor in the lives of many people today we have all known of friends or family that have become victims to the power of addition, ruining relationships, family ties and marriages. Any substance that causes increased adrenaline, sensuality, awareness, sensitivity or desire is a pathway to possible addiction.


Psychology is a commonly missed area of consideration in debates concerning chemical abuse. While some doctors argue that cannabis is safer than alcohol, cannabis is far stronger in its affects on the mind even causing a form of psychosis. Similarly high doses of cannabis for example and stronger drugs show unequivocal long term affects which invariably lead to crime and serious psychiatric conditions.

To end if your not in control (of your mind) - you’re out of control and vulnerable to being manipulated by people and the spiritual realm. 

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