Mark, writing to the Romans discusses a woman divorcing her husband, or a husband divorcing his wife. Grounds for divorce or remarriage are quite specific in the Bible for Jews and in the New Testament for Messianic Jews and Gentile, the criteria is strictly limited to fornication/adultery and or abandonment, but abandonment only by the unbelieving spouse. The believer should never leave either a believing or unbelieving spouse, because it breaks (in effect) their commitment to God’s plan in the unity and sanctity of marriage. 

All other cases for acceptable divorce found in societies around the world are not the standards found in Bible teaching. For the believer who wants to live through the 'frame of reference' of God’s clear teaching in the Bible we must connect with love and forgiveness and do our very best to step outside of the human situation no matter how extreme that might be. 

In violent relationships temporary ‘separation (not divorce)' may situation that fulfils the 'non-divorce' requirement of the Bible while importantly removing the treat of physical harm to wife and children from an abusive husband. In the same way that removing a violent teenager toward his mother (who may be single) from the home by the authorities protects the family. We must be reminded that God hates any kind of divorce, separation and fragmentation in marriage or of the family. His heart is that we should always love, forgive and seek to restore to full reconciliation.  This can happen through prayer, fasting and praying, professional Christian counselling, and in some cases NHS Counselling. If you are in an abusive situation you should contact the police if the abuse in anyway breaches the law of the land, of your culture. 

This page is not suggesting counselling or advocating 'a given conduct' but a 'frame of reference' of orthodox teachings found in the New Testament, which you have freedom to live by or reject. If you have any concerns about your relationship situation you should seek advice from people that you trust and or professionals where relevant. These include: Your family, a doctor, the police, A&E, your pastor or leadership team, vicar, a counsellor, NHS social services (if you live in the UK). The Bible says that wisdom is found in a multitude of counsellors!

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