Hearing God

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Rom 10:17 ESV)

Praying is always a great place to start! 

We must remember this; most of what God has to say to mankind has been written in the Bible already. So we can learn a never ending amount of information about the heart of God through the Bible. God fundamentally intends for us to learn to hear Him personally too, to have relationship. There are many voices in the world, also our imagination and minds are powerful sources for hearing. Learning to hear God and differentiate between our own thoughts and divine impartation can be a life long experience. Our assurance and peace is that nothing you ‘feel' God is saying to you will ever conflict with the moral principles and commands written in the Bible (our security). Crucially, a plain reading of the Bible is fundamental before we apply our own imagination or metaphor to interpretation to go deeper. How we apply that reading can not be separated from the original meaning nor conflict with it.

God always invites relationship and the language He uses is as varied as the variety in creation. Commonly he uses dreams, feelings, visions in the mind, circumstances, nature or natural events, or even a very quiet voice within the deepest part of our hearts. Because we are made in the image of God, appreciate that sometimes His voice can sound very much like our own inner voice! Learning to distinguish between ourselves, evil spirits, angels or the voice of God is an exciting life long calling! Don't panic you will get it wrong sometimes - God knows the intentions of your heart, and is always there to love and support us in life’s sometimes very challenging circumstances. 

If you have ever had a compelling dream or had a sense of something in your minds eye, or an irrational feeling that you're about to meet someone you haven’t seen for years and they just turn up or ring on the phone. This is your spiritual awareness filtering into your mind and the most likely area of your consciousness. It is a common area that you are going to begin to hear the Holy Spirit. 

This type of supernatural awareness is very close to what is called prophecy. We learn from experience and from the scriptures that prophecies come in the form of dreams, waking visions, or pictures in the mind, or even from physical translation to another place for revelation.

God’s prophecy will always have a sense of purpose and illumination and point to a path of renewal, direction or warning.

Remember the safety measure: Hearing God and prophecy will never conflict with the Bible themes, teaching and moral laws and requirements.

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