In the Bible God asks that we fast, simple. This can range from skipping a meal, or a day to a number of days. In the Bible fasts are to do with dedication, purity, holiness, cleansing and setting yourself aside to the Lord for a special duration. After the initial shock of not eating for a day your mind becomes very aware of the difference between the body and the soul. After a couple more days you become distanced from the clamour of life and your perception takes on a deeper level of reality. See below for the affects of fasting, you should not take this information as medical advice it is merely an example of what happens to the body through the fasting period. 

Provided you do not have any underlying medical conditions it is agreed by many that short fasts, like skipping a meal or food for a day, or having a few weeks just eating vegetables are good for the body and harmless.

Warning: Longer fasts should only be supported by research and working with a knowledgeable and supportive doctor. ‘Personally' the use of a blood test meter, ketone strips and a blood pressure machine is essential in monitoring your bodys response to the fast. You should always drink plenty of water.

Long fasting

Stage 1 (Day1-2)

Blood sugar levels drop below 70mg/dl. The body returns the blood to normal glucose levels, by using liver glycogen which is converted to glucose and released into the blood. Marathon runners can hit this 1-2 stage on a single run, and can even cause them to ‘crash’ because their body’s are calling on massive resources while under great strain and the brain can become starved of glucose.

By day two the first stage of cleansing is in session - usually the worst feeling. Under normal circumstances the initial liver reserve can last a half day, after which the body reduces its basal metabolic rate (BMR). The rate of internal chemical activity in resting tissue is reduced to conserve energy. Then the heart rate slows and blood pressure is reduced. Glycogen is extracted from the muscles causing some weakness: heavily coated tongue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, glazed eyes. Hunger is the most intense in this period and is the most difficult mentally.

Stage 2 (Day 3 to 7)

Fats, made of transformed fatty acids, are broken down releasing glycerol from the gliceride molecules before being converted to glucose. Some skin oiliness may occur as unplesant oils are purged from the body, spots or boils may appear and a pallid complexion indicates the expulsion of waste. 

Ketones are released into the urine which can be tested using ketone urine strips, this is evidence that your body is now happly metabolising fat. Hunger desire begins to disappear more fully. 
The body now embraces the fast, the digestive system can properly take a much-needed rest. The body now focuses its energies on cleansing organs and the lungs in a process of repair. Occasionally, the lymphatic system may expel mucus through the nose or throat, this is all part of the cleansing process, feeling blocked then clear. Urine will change in colour from yellow to clear and back again. The breath will still smell off and the tongue have a coating. Impacted fecal debri becomes loose within the intestine, and impacted waste on the intestinal wall start to loosen and are released through autolysis (self digestion), this helps natural colon repair.

Stage 3 (Day 8 to 15)

Well into the fast you can experience enhanced energy, clear-thinking and feel young and fresh. Spiritually prayer becomes deeper and more meaningful. On the negative past injuries may become irritated and painful because the body is finally getting a chance to finish any healing necessary it couldn't do before. You may notice pains in old bone breaks for example. At this stage of the fast the body scours for dead or damaged tissue. Lymphocytes enter old damaged tissue secreting substances which dissolve the damaged cells; these substances irritate the nerves in the surrounding areas, the pain ends when the body has completed the healing process. Also, muscles may feel tight and sore due to the toxins. The legs can be the worst affected as toxins accumulate in the legs. Mouth ulcers can occur with poor oral hygiene due to excessive bacteria in the mouth. 

Stage 4 (Day 16 to 30)

The body is now adapted to fasting, providing more energy and clarity of mind with enhanced feel good factor. The tongue is pink and the breath is fresh. The healing work of the organs is being completed. After detoxification the body is in balance and the lymphatic system is clean. Through this stage the mind is enjoys heightened clarity and emotional balance. Memory and concentration improve and prayer becomes even deeper and more meaningful.

Stage 5 (Around day 30 and Breaking the Fast)

The genuine hunger returns! This is real hunger not the mind’s idea of hunger that happens if you miss a meal. Returning to very small amounts of high quality healthshop and natural foods at this time is essential. URL brand was founded on 3rd July 2006. The site in its current form was created in 2014. Third party logos and URL links are for illustration purposes only. Any other logo or pictures contained on this site are also subject to Copyright law. Photos and images are either designed or privately owned or Copyright paid from Shutterstock.